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'Healthy Tooth Factory' Quality Wooden Puzzles

Educational and fun, this puzzle features “Mo” and “Lar” and a cast of good choices for better dental health. Educator tested and recommended, this puzzle is silk-screened onto wood using certified non-toxic inks. Minimum puzzle piece is 2" for safety.

6 piece puzzle with knobs (ages 2+). (15 piece Tray Puzzle is OUT OF STOCK)


'Healthy Tooth Factory' Poster

Perfect for your waiting room or classroom, this colorful poster reinforces healthy dental choices in a delightful way. Poster measures (28"x 22") on extra durable paper stock.


Animated Cartoon Trading Cards

These 3-D animated cards make great giveaways and business cards too! They’re lots of fun to play with, featuring Funatomy’s favorite characters to give lively and engaging reminders to “Brush Us!” (2"x 3.5") & “Floss Me!” (2.5" x 3.5")



“Chip Visits the Dentist” Poster

A colorful cartoon that shows your patients what you do. Great for office walls or ceilings to keep kids occupied while lying in the dental chair. Shows kids the happy outcome after passing through “Fix It Land”. Poster measures (28" x 19") on extra durable paper stock.




“Good Job” Sticker (1.5" x 2.5")

Reward your patients and students with this darling 3-D animated sticker.



“When Plaque Attacks... We Strike Back!” Poster

A funny cartoon about plaque villains who get “all washed out” after being fought back with a toothbrush, floss and disclosing tablet. Poster measures (24" x 18") on extra durable paper stock.


Cardboard Color-Me Puzzle (5"x 7")

Coloring fun and a puzzle with a healthy message. Fun for a wide age range of children, this cardboard puzzle features “Mo” and “Lar” on a sturdy 15–piece puzzle.




A great, dental-related game kids can play while learning about good habits that contribute to having healthy teeth. Our colorful pieces make it fun and exciting, and kids will want to play it over and over. Comes with extra pieces.


Fun Dental Reward Stickers

Four particularly cute dental characters reinforce flossing and brushing on this roll of 250, two-inch stickers. Four alternating designs, fabric-friendly of course.


22–Page Dental Fun Activity Book (4 to 12 years) – For Unlimited Copying!

Fun-filled coloring and activities, all reinforcing dental health. Loose-leaf black-line master so you can make copies for your dentist office or classroom.


13–Page Dental Fun Activity Book (3 to 8 years) – For Unlimited Copying!

This book contains a variety of fun-filled activity and coloring pages that keep kids busy in the waiting room or classroom and reinforce good dental hygiene. Loose-leaf black-line master so you can make copies.