What We Do

Funatomy offers a wide variety of products based upon our fun-loving tooth characters, “Mo and Lar.”


Our Business History

First established in 1991 as Jamiely Enterprises, and later renamed Funatomy, the company has developed a reputation among educators and health professionals for developing uniquely fun and creative educational products for children.


About The Founder

Our founder, Jamiely Igram, is a registered nurse with a passion to make learning anatomy fun. Fascinated with it herself, she wanted to share the wonders of anatomy with kids.


The need for fun teaching tools was recognized during her senior year in nursing school, when a child, recovering from surgery, became very engaged with an anatomy game she had created.


Since then, she has set out to help children learn about their anatomy and body health. Her intention is to make medical and dental office visits more enjoyable for kids and, at the same time, educational. Seeing educators as partners with health providers and parents, she has expanded her product line to include classroom materials for teaching health and science in a creative and fun way. Full of energy and vision, Jamiely is continually developing new products, including a lively children’s book reinforcing oral hygiene.